Ron Gray(non-registered)
Hi Curt,I've been looking for your photos. Need some inspiration, I'm trying to take a few photos. Your pics are wonderful.
Bruce McCammon(non-registered)
Found you! Nice site Curt. I'll be back to see the new images from Hawaii.
Michelle Scott(non-registered)
Hello, I am glad I asked you about where you post your photos. I am not disappointed. You take amazing pictures. I look forward to checking your site out more often. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.
David McCoy(non-registered)
I am glad I looked this up. You do such good work and I am glad I get to see you at the park as I am going by on my hand cycle. If you ever get one of me let me know.
Kurt and Teresa Wendel(non-registered)
We enjoyed our chat with a fellow bird nerd this morning. I'm so glad I asked if you posted your photos on a website. They are too grand to be described. I love your reminder to be patient when observing nature...a quality I must work on. We hope to meet up with you again.
Dylan Spradlin(non-registered)
I had a nice little chat with you the other day when I was caring for some kids down at Walla Walla, and you directed me here. I'm glad you did! Beautiful shots!

You have a gift and your photos have brightened my day.

In the website box below, I'll put my husband's website URL in case you want to see what he's done too. (He doesn't have his wildlife shots up on there, just a few in "art and landscape" section)

(Or stop by Caffe Mela before the end of the month!) :)

It was lovely talking to you at the park.
John Barta(non-registered)
Time for me to check out those eagle shots.
Marriott Security(non-registered)
Aloha Mr.Norton,
I met you a couple of weeks ago on Maui & I was on my usual patrols when I came across the area where you would always be snapping photos. I saw an awesome wave that reminded me of you so I decided to check out your page. Nice work Mr.Norton! Hope to see you again soon!
-Kaipo Hu
John Barta(non-registered)
First I've seen of your new design. Anxious to look around.
I love your Bird photos
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